What is Microblading and how does it work?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery is a semi permanent makeup procedure that fills the gap between your eyebrow hairs, making your brow appear fuller. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading is much less invasive and less painful. It typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on your skin type and skincare regime.

We start off by drawing an eyebrow outline with a brow pencil so that you can see the structure of how the shape will look. Once you’re happy with the shape we will begin the procedure. Using a small-needled hand tool, we will carefully etch into the skin the tattooed hairline strokes until the eyebrow shape is full. We are experts so we know what we are doing, but if for any reason you want to enhance on the shape, you have a chance to review your brows and let us know of any additions. The results are very realistic and will look like natural eyebrow strokes.

Microblading can dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow shape. It is excellent for those individuals wanting to enhance their brows or those who have little to no eyebrows, thinning brows or over-tweezed brows. Rest assured, the pigments used are chosen to match your natural eyebrow colour and skin tone.

Here’s a short clip of us in action:

You can also see a number of before and after photos of our happy clients here.

Still have questions about how the process works? Feel free to give us a call on 01708 200 668.

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