Jawline sculpting is fast becoming one the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatments while taking away the need for cosmetic surgery.

JAWLINE FILLER - A sagging jawline is a telltale sign of ageing, while others can suffer confidence issues due to an under formed jaw. The most desirable look a woman can have is one of a chiseled, defined jawline.

Placing filler strategically into the skin and along the bone structure strengthens the overall look and can have an immediate uplifting and tightening effect.

CHIN FILLER - Filler is strategically placed to achieve perfect facial ratio and balance features overall, helping to, slim, elongate and contour the face.

Combining muscle relaxing injections in this area works well also, helping to drop the chin and stop the wrinkled effect (cobbled chin).

For the perfect results we often use a combination of Jawline and Chin Sculpt.


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