We are not all blessed with the perfect face framers nor have the skills or time to use make up to fill them in everyday.  Here at PCS we can give you perfect brows to wake up to every morning.​ Good eyebrows are an essential as they help enhances your eyes, face and natural beauty.

Our Beautiful Brow service is perfect for those with Thinning eyebrows from over plucking or age. Also great for those who just simply want to improve their natural shape.

We use a number of different techniques to enhance your brow and ​you will be shown the best technique thats best suited and and the look you are hoping to achieve.

Here at PCS we offer


The Microblading Brows method also known as 3D Hair Stroke eyebrow. Microblading or Brow Embroidery is the most popular technique for brow enhancement today. This method originated in Asia and has been used for decades.


This technique offers a very subtle gradient effect as opposed to the Microblading method. 


The process involves using two different shades of brown, the lighter shade is applied to the inner shape of the brows blending into a darker shade towards the middle and ends of the brow. 


This technique offers bolder and more defined make up look beautifully shaded to perfection.


This technique is for clients who require a denser and fuller look, combining the Ombre and Microblading technique. You will require 2 sessions for this look.

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