Scalp microblading is the perfect non surgical hair loss solution for women.

This process uses a manual tool to create natural looking fine hair line strokes blending into your existing hair creating a fuller and denser look.

Scalp Microblading before and after
Scalp Microblading before and after

Frequently asked questions

What is Scalp Microblading?

Scalp Microblading is a procedure which helps individuals who are experiencing hair loss, or who may have scarring on their heads that they wish to cover up. We use an unique application method with a microblade to mimic natural hair lines. The procedure is a completely non-intrusive treatment and requires no surgery whatsoever. Our procedure boasts vastly lower costs and much lower risks compared to alternative hair replacement medications and practices.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on size of the treated area. Average treatments take roughly 90-120 minutes for the first session, then around 60-90 minutes for the second session.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

Following the treatment, there is a redness for anywhere between 2-10 hours, depending on your skin type. The pigment’s initial color will appear darker than the “cured” result, but don’t worry, getting to your ideal color will only take up to 1-2 weeks.

What is the average time between between sessions?

We always suggest to our clients to wait at least 14 days after their initial treatment to have a second session. This second procedure ensures optimal results while allowing for minor adjustments to the hairline and color after the product has had the necessary time to cure.

How long should I leave washing my hair?

At the very least, one week. Your scalp is still in the healing process for at least one week after this treatment. We also recommend leave it one week before washing?

Still have more questions?

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