Scalp microblading is the perfect non surgical hair loss solution for women.

This process uses a manual tool to create natural looking fine hair line strokes blending into your existing hair creating a fuller and denser look.

Scalp Microblading before and after
Scalp Microblading before and after

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply to become a InstaSolve tutor?

Simply follow the instructions on your website. Once your appication is submitted, we will review it carefully and contact you as soon as possible. Additional materials such as resume, transcript, student ID might be acquired for later interview process.

How do I get paid?

We will deposit your payment directly into a bank account of your choice or email transfer to your monthly. You will get paid every each hour that you work on our platform.

Do I need to schedule my work time?

Nope! Being a InstaSolve tutor, you have 100% control over your time. You can work whenever, wherever you are free.

What subject can I tutor?

We currently have tutor positions open for high school and lower year univeristy STEM courses such as calculus, linear algebra and statistics.

Do I need to physically meet up with students?

Nope. Our tutor platform is completely anonymous and you only communicate with students through your smart phone.

How much do I get paid

Tutors are paid based on the rating and performance. InstaSolve tutors earn $11-$16 per hour. If number of questions answered and rating meet the ELITE tutor requirements, EXTRA BONUS will be available.

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